had a bit today

January 6, 2007

but still resenting everyone in my life. well…… not all, most.

spoke to my daughter tonight. she has more of a life than i do. at least shes happy. has a short fuse like me though. like mother like daughter.


its something i dont have

January 5, 2007

no freedom, no life. everythings just monotonous.

boring, repetetive, mundane

im bummed. had the chance to go away today. what happened?

got stuck… well shouldnt call it ‘stuck’ but was home taking care of someone who means the world to me. he needs me, i need him but its not the way i want it.

we’re to dependent on each other, him for my help, me for his well being.

life is sad, my life is sad. i hate where im at right now. dont like the people, dont like the scenery, dont like the responsibilities, dont like the dependents, dont like anything.

how depressing.

Hello world!

January 4, 2007

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